The flamenco
course week


Welcome reception

It is already a tradition to welcome students to the course each year before the classes start. The course officially begins the previous Sunday, with a welcome reception for all students. A fiesta por bulerías together with all the teachers to start the intensive flamenco week.

We will be waiting for you on Sunday evening, previous to the start of the course, at 21:00h in Carmen and Gerardo's house, in Calle Templo del Lucero, 11

Welcome reception: Carmen and Gerardo's house

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Timetable 2020

(Attention: the time and place of the classes may be subject to changes)

Patio de La Victoria

Auditorio de la Merced

Concerts and Fiestas

Every night we invite you at 10pm to different places in Sanlúcar to enjoy the music of great artists and have fun at our Fiestas por Bulerías.


  • MONDAY: Night of the Guitar - 10pm - Peña Flamenca

  • TUESDAY: Concert: Adam del Monte & Pedro María Peña - 10pm - Posada de Palacio, Rte. El Espejo

  • WEDNESDAY: Night of the Bulería - 10pm - Salaero

  • THURSDAY: Concert: Jesús de Rosario & Carlos de Jacoba - 10pm - Posada de Palacio, Rte. El Espejo

  • FRIDAY: End of the Course Party - 10pm - Chiringuito El Inesperado

Peña Flamenca Callejón de la Zorra, 2
Posada de Palacio, Rte. El Espejo: Calle Caballeros, 11
Salaero: Avenida Bajo de Guía, 46
Chiringuito El Inesperado: Calle Director Julián Cerdán, 24

Diploma ceremony

The diploma ceremony takes place on Saturday at noon in the Auditorio de la Merced.

Farewell Paella

It is now a tradition to invite all students and friends of the course to see off the week with a big 'farewell paella' that is homemade at Carmen and Gerardo's house on Saturday night.

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